Tears Of Heaven
Book by Phoebe Hwang, Music by Frank Wildhorn, Lyrics by Robin Lerner
Linda Eder (Linh), Robert Evan (Joon), Christiane Noll (Queyn),
James Barbour (Colonel Grayson), Jackie Burns (Tam), Michael Lanning (Sang)
Produced by Frank Wildhorn and Jeremy Roberts
Global Vision GVR-CD-0007
Released: 11/1/2011
2. Shadows On My Heart (Linh) (4:07)
3. Pearl Of The East (Linh, Queyn and the Girls of The Pearl Club) (4:37)
4. The First Time I Saw Paris (Linh) (3:06)
6. Who Can You Trust? (Link, Sang and Tam) (3:50)
8. I've Never Loved Like This (Linh and Joon) (3:22)
9. Can You Hear Me? (Linh, Joon, Colonel Grayson & Company) (4:01)
12. Tears From Heaven (Linh) (2:34)
16. Sweet Song Of Life (Linh) (2:54)
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