Produced by Linda Eder and Frank Wildhorn
Co-Produced by Jeremy Roberts, Chris Hajian, Kim Scharnberg, Jeff Lams and David Grow & Jim Brickman
Executive Producer: Craig Kallman
Atlantic 835232
Released: 2/12/2002
1. Here Comes The Sun (3:05)
2. How Little We Know (4:03)
3. Until I Don't Love You Anymore (4:25)
4. Son Of A Preacher Man (3:18)
5. If I Should Lose My Way (3:38)
6. Gently Break My Heart (4:21)
7. Everything That's Wrong (3:40)
8. Drift Away (4:11)
9. Across The Water (5:00)
10. Her Gypsy Heart (4:50)
11. How In The World (3:39)
12. We're All Alone (3:46)
13. Gold (4:08)
14. If I Had My Way (3:52)
September 11th

A family stands divided
In useless wars that can't be won
Mother against her daughter
And a father against his son
But if just one part is threatened
A wolf outside the door
The family stands together
Stronger than before

A wound that time can heal
A wall no fear can rush
A love a family understands
The kind no one can crush

The country stands divided
With raised fists and angry faces
Blood upon its highways
And criminals in high places
But a black wind blew from the east
To set the night on fire
And countless joined their hearts
Over stone and flesh and wire

A wound no time can heal
A pride no stone can crush
A need no one can understand
A war no one can rush

A song no one should hear
A road we now must take
A world so hard to understand
And yet the world we make

One day when the earth is threatened
And mankind is in the way
Maybe we can learn to stand together
To keep the wolf at bay

- Linda Eder
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