Just Tracks JTG 198
Sing The Hits Of Linda Eder
1. Vienna (C#)
2. Havana (Am)
3. It's No Secret Anymore (C#-D)
4. You'll Never Remind Me (Ab)
5. Why Do People Fall In Love (F#-G)
6. This Time Around (Bb)
7. Anything Can Happen (Eb)
8. Don't Ask Me Why (Eb-E)
9. I Want More (Bb)
10. I'll Forget You (Dm-Ebm)
11. I'm Afraid This Must Be Love (D-Eb)
12. Is This Anyway To Fall In Love? (Ab-A)
13. The Man That Got Away (D)
14. Till You Come Back To Me (Dm-Em)
15. Unusual Way (Bbm)
16. When Autumn Comes (E)
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