If You See Me
Produced by Linda Eder and Billy Jay Stein
Released: June 17, 2018
1. Before The Parade Passes By (3:04)
2. As If We Never Said Goodbye (4:57)
3. The Music That Makes Me Dance/Can't Take That Away From Me (6:07)
4. You'll Never Walk Alone (3:21)
5. What Did I Have That I Don't Have (2:39)
6. Down With Love (2:25)
7. Bring Him Home (3:21)
8. Pure Imagination (4;17)
9. Losing My Mind (4:23)
10. The Best Is Yet To Come/The Man I Love/Just In Time - Medley (5:21)
11. I Have A Voice (4:28)
If You See Me (4:01)
Jake wrote this great melody on the piano and he would often play it around the house, but he never wrote a melody line or lyrics. From the moment I heard it, the lyrics for the chorus popped into my head. He ended up not recording it for himself so I asked him if I could take it. We never actually worked together on it. I took a demo that he had made of the music and cut it up using Garageband on my Mac. The reason I did that is because I wanted to flip what he had been calling the chorus to make that part the verse music and use his verse for the chorus. Then I sat down and sang a melody over it and worked out the rest of the lyrics. I kept the recording hidden from him until it was a finished mix because I wanted to make sure he liked it!
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