Jekyll & Hyde - The Complete Work
Produced by Frank Wildhorn & Karl Richardson
Associate Producer, Orchstrated and Conducted by Kim Schamberg
Executive Producer: Craig Kallman
Linda Eder (Lucy), Anthony Warlow (Jekyll & Hyde), Carolee Carmello (Lisa),
Brenda Russell (Nellie)
Atlantic 82723-2   Released: 1/24/1995
10. Bring On The Men (Lucy and The "Dregs" Girls) (5:08)
11. Lucy Meets Jekyll (Lucy and Jekyll) (2:41)
15. Lucy Meets Hyde (Lucy and Hyde) (2:14)
19. Sympathy-Tenderness (Lucy) (1:42)
20. Someone Like You (Lucy) (4:06)

25. In His Eyes (Lucy and Lisa) (4:13)
27. The Girls Of The Night (Lucy and Nellie)
28. No One Knows Who I Am (Lucy) (3:28)
29. It's A Dangeous Game (Lucy and Hyde) (4:16)
32. A New Life (Lucy) (4:26)
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